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Rethink your pre-printed stationery

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For a smarter way of handling pre-printer paper?
Just get rid of it!

  • Workflow
  • Web Interface

Users & Groups

Virtual Stationery Server

Virtual Stationery Configuration console

Target Printers


Send Content

Send documents to Virtual Stationery printer queue from any Windows application.

Add pdf

Upload your PDF for users, groups or queues using a web interface

Merge documents

Choose a target printer and print on plain paper

Web Interface

Target printer

Easy access to your printers.

Virtual Stationery Selection

Select up to 5 PDFs to use as your virtual stationery.

Merge documents

Matching a PDF with a virtual tray means that whenever you select this tray for a print job, your PDF is used.


Print your document perfectly each time.

Tray management

With Virtual Stationery, there is no printer tray to manage because they are all loaded with plain white paper.

Replace paper by PDFs

Virtual Stationery doesn't change how people create and print documents. Everything happens in the background.

Print your documents

Select the proper tray and hit print. VS will associate the tray to a PDF so your documents always come out the right way.


99 problems but your tray ain't one.

Print from any Windows application since Virtual Stationery PDFs are sent to the printers in your network.

Roll out changes to your stationery, company-wide, in a matter of minutes.

A single web interface to setup and manage your Virtual Stationery settings.

Use plain white paperin all your trays, eliminating waste, lead time and pre-printing costs at the same time.


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